Massages are very healthy

Clients often report a sense of perspective and clearity after receiving a massage. The emotional balance bodywork provides can often be just as vital and valuable as the more physical benefits. In respons to massage, specific psychological and chemical changes cascade throughout the body with profound effects.

Getting a massage can do a world of good, getting a massage frequently can do even more. This is the beauty of bodywork. Taking part in this regulary scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how healthy you'll be and how youthful you'll remain with each passing year. Budgeting time and money for your bodywork in consisting intervals is truly an investment in your health. And remember: just because massage feels like a pampering treat it doesn't mean it is any less therapeutic. Consider massage appointments a necessary piece of your health and welnessplan.

Please note: Massage & Bodywork therapies specifically exclude diagnosis, prescription, manipulation or adjustments of the human skeletal structure, or any other service procedure or therapy that requires a licence to practise orthopedics, osteopathy, psychotherapy, acupuncture or any other proffesion or branch medicine.


Lily Lotus will open a special location for rejuvenating and anti-cellulite connective tissue treatments. 

A beautiful spot near Haarlem and Amsterdam where you can enjoy our special popular treatments for face and body. Together with the hairdressers from the Knipperette we created a cosy and super relaxing spot in the middle of the countryside in a monumental building.

Summer discount

If you book a 60 minute massage in july or august 2017 you will get a discount of €10 

Bring-a-friend discount

If you bring on a friend you will get €5 discount on your next massage (60 minutes)

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