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We're looking forward to meet you in one of our massagestudio's. If you want to book a massage or book us for yoga or pilatesclasses you can mail, call or fill in the form below.


Penningsveer 2, Bunker 5, 2065 AM Haarlemmerliede

De massagerette, Drapernierstraat 5zw, Haarlem


Franz von Reberstrasse 2, 82343 Pöcking (Starnberg Kreis, Germany)

Book your massage and get a €20 or €40 giftcard for free!*

* - one giftcard per person

- (€20)with a minimum of a 60 minute massage

- (€40) with a bye bye cellulite treatment (6x)

- It is not possible to exchange the giftcard for money

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