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Welcome to Lily Lotus

Time for'me-time'! We are happy to welcome you on our website where you can find lots of options to start working on your happiness and health.


Are you in need of a great massage? Lily Lotus the best spot for 'me time' and relaxing and therapeutic massages.

In both our studio's in Haarlem (the Netherlands) and Pöcking (Germany) we create a deeply relaxing experience where you will feel right at home. We are both professional and licensed massage therapists and we can offer you a range of massages.

We are most known for our firm relaxing massages which include the Deep Tissue massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Connective Tissue Massage. Read more and spread the word.

Yoga en Pilates

Nicky and Simone are both yogateachers. Simone is also a pilates teacher. You can book us for private classes or as a healthcenter you can book us to teach classes in your studio.